Program Partnership Request Submission Form

*This is a membership benefit for SCG Members only* 

SoCal Grantmakers (SCG) serves as a common voice for a diverse and vibrant community of philanthropists, all bound by a shared desire to make a difference. Since our founding in 1973, SCG has grown to encompass family, community, private, corporate, public, and operating foundations, philanthropic advisors, as well as government and individual grantmakers. Today, SCG’s membership represents the Southern California region including Los Angeles, Kern, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Ventura Counties.

SCG believes that learning and collaboration increase the impact of philanthropy’s efforts. To that end, SCG seeks to develop new program partnerships to engage our members and enhance the scope of our programmatic offerings. By completing this Program Partnership Request Form, SCG members can propose one of the program types listed below to develop in close collaboration with the SCG team. If your proposal is approved, SCG will actively partner with you to ensure that the program's purpose and goals are of interest to our broader membership and align with SCG’s mission and values.  

Please note: Due to the volume of program requests we receive, we cannot accommodate every submission. SCG’s Program team will contact you if your program submission is approved. 

Types of Program Partnerships: 
  • Single Program Partnership: The creation of a one-off program (e.g., a workshop or single webinar) in collaboration with an SCG member/partner. The partner and SCG often co-develop the program content. 
  • Program Partnership Series: A series of programs with a partner. Content is often co-developed between the partner and SCG. 
  • Funders Briefing: A program partnership hosted by a funder to share a project or initiative with the broader funder community for potential collaboration. Typically, it is an invite-only event without marketing in SCG’s newsletters or website. SCG leads/supports invitations, but the partner leads the content development.
  • Co-Sponsor: A program partnership in which the partner leads all content development, and SCG provides support in technological assistance, program marketing, or registration. 
Click here to view the full list of program partnership expectations.

Please note that SCG has a no-solicitation policy in order to allow candid peer discussions among philanthropic professionals. SCG is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit nonpartisan organization. Attendees may hear comments from speakers — or from peers in the room — which reflect personal opinions and do not represent the opinions of SCG or webinar co-hosts. We endeavor to create spaces for civic discourse and request that you frame questions and perspectives in a way that is respectful to all participants.