2024 Funding Strategies to Accelerate Power-Building Registration Form

Thank you for your interest in Funding Strategies to Accelerate Power-building, Northern California Grantmakers learning and collaboration series on 501(c)4-aligned funding. We are excited to explore together strategies for enhancing the impact of your institution’s funding through (c)4 and related (c)3 funding. 

Please complete the following registration form by May 23 to participate. Some questions are mandatory. If you need to skip any optional questions at this time, we can follow-up with you to provide additional information later. After you submit this registration form, we will email you with an invoice to provide payment for the series.

Organizational lead (the staff member who will serve as the primary contact, coordinate their team, encourage participation, and encourage completion of their team project)

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Other organizational participants (each participating institution may designate up to four staff to participate including the lead)

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Please check all regions and issue areas that your team would likely prioritize as it considers 501(c)4-aligned grantmaking strategies.